Visiting Flower Fairs And Markets In Guangzhou

The city of Guangzhou is well known for its flower fairs. The city gives you ample opportunities to appreciate the beauty of one of the best creations of nature. There are various festivals that are centered on flowers. Both tourists and locals participate in these festivals, and spend some time amidst various kinds of flowers.

The most famous festival of flowers in Guangzhou is definitely the Spring Festival. This is an annual festival that stresses on flower shows. In fact, such shows have become so embossed with the mood of this festival that people cannot believe a Spring Festival without it. The name of the season itself alludes to an environment where new life sprouts and blooms. However, in this capital city of Guangdong, the flower fair starts earlier than the festival itself – at least three days prior to the inauguration of the fest.

At least six major flower shows are witnessed during this festivity, and one of them is organized in the central part of Guangzhou. Apart from flowers, many of these shows are decorated with landscapes complete with scenic views. The most popular flower fairs of this city are Donghu Flower Fair, Tianhe Flower Fair, Xihu Flower Fair, and Liwan Flower Fair. You can visit any of them with you family and partner.

There are three different types of flowers that you will find in the flower fairs here, which are Peach Blossoms, Peony, and Kumquat Tree. The Peach Blossoms are considered to be one of the most auspicious ones, and symbolically stand for growth, life, and prosperity. It is widely believed by the people here that if your Peach blooms in the New Year’s Eve, then your year ahead will be a really great one.

Peony, on the other hand, sends the feeling of affection and is often related to feminine beauty. In addition, the bright red Peony is believed to be a flower that brings good luck and fortune. Perhaps that’s why Chinese people call it the “flower of riches and honors”. The Kumquat Tree is known as “jin qian ju”. These words signify gold, money, and luck respectively. Once the reunion dinner is over, every Chinese family gathers in the fair and appreciates the beauty of Cherry trees and chrysanthemums.

The most popular flower markets here are Yuexiu Flower Market, Baiyun Flower Market, Panyu Flower Market, and Liwan Flower Market. Come to these markets and you will find people who are as enthused as ever about buying flowers.

Visit Guangzhau during the flower fest to witness how nature can become a part of a city’s culture.

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