Onsite Worker Safety Compliance – A Guide to Spill Response Site Safety Solutions

Aqua Safety Showers International provides vital emergency equipment in the event of a person’s skin and clothes becoming contaminated with hazardous materials. The range of safety shower solutions includes models designed for use both indoors and outside, in temperatures of extreme heat down to those of minus 40 degrees C. Many industries choose these safety showers because of their outstanding performance together with reliable operation and long life. They manufacture in stainless steel and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) low maintenance which is especially important in remote locations

The ability to provide bespoke solutions makes them world leaders in meeting the needs of individual customers without compromising on quality or performance. This innovative approach has not only solved specific problems but driven the design and development of a particularly wide range of products to meet the different needs of industry.

Its safety showers are widely used throughout industry and are popular where there is no convenient mains water supply. With models delivering from 350 litres up to 2500 litres of tepid water, a staggering 30 minutes drench time can be achieved which is double the recommended duration required to meet the internationally accepted ANSI Z358.1-2014. This manufacturer doesn’t just meet standards they exceed them!

Aqua Safety Showers International also manufactures a wide range of safety showers that are portable and corrosion resistant. There is a model for every type and location of working environment and all are built to the highest standards for optimum performance and reliability.

For large plants, remote locations or short-term construction sites where there is no mains water they have developed a variety of solutions. One such solution is the popular portable bowser safety shower range. Capacities of 1200 or 2000 litres can be filled with potable water by hose then towed to the desired location. The electrical pump and thermostat controlled heater for maintaining a safe water temperature can be powered from the mains or a portable generator. These are in demand for use in the inhospitable oil, gas, building and mining industries.

Where mains water is available the company has a range of self-draining showers which can be used in any environment. These are ideal for use outdoors especially in hot climates as they drain down and do not hold water in the pipe work.

There are often simple solutions to worker safety issues whether industry is faced with height restrictions, lack of space or extreme environmental conditions. Compliance doesn’t need to be complex and there is no excuses when it comes to worker safety.