Tips to Memorise the World Map and Pinpoint Any Country on the World Map

Memorising the world map is a daunting task for many kids and parents have a hard time teaching their kids to memorise it. Geography competitions like the Geography Bee for example demands that the child knows the map of the world and can locate any of the 193 countries on it. So does most of the school curricula.

Given below are tips to memorise the world map. Go through them one by one and you will surely be enlightened on a unique way to learn the locations of the countries. You could learn the method yourself and then teaching your kid to memorise the map of the world will be extremely easy.

  • Never take up the task of memorising the whole map at one go.
  • Break up the world map into continents or better still regions in a continent.
  • Use simple lines and curves to draw the outline of any country. Trying to draw the exact borders of any country would be a next to impossible and unnecessary task.
  • Once you know how to draw the country’s outline write the name inside it and move on to the next country.By this method you need just a day to memorise each continent.
  • After you learn to draw the map from memory start memorising the locations of all the 193 countries on it.
  • Take a string of countries next to each other and find out a method of memorising the string. Using mnemonics is a good idea.
  • With mnemonics you just need to memorise some phrases and that’s it. You can easily pinpoint any country on the map. Like if you remember Not So Fast, wherein Not stands for Norway, So for Sweden and Fast for Finland, you could say that Sweden lies between Norway and Finland. You can never get confused about the order. And it is proven that once you learn these phrases they are permanently ingrained into your brain. You can never forget them. An eight year old kid has learnt the map of the world the same way and now at 10 he can still remember the phrases.
  • The same system can be used to memorise the United States map too.

So take a piece of paper and pencil and start off.

Before doing that you could take a look at the website given below. A step-by-step method is given to draw the world map from scratch. A kid could easily draw the world map by this method. After drawing the world map, a neat bunch of mnemonics is given to locate all the 193 countries on it. Its a sure-shot and easy method of remembering the world map and the US map and has been tried by many and almost 100% of them have been successful in drawing and memorising the world map and the US.