Recipe For Abundance – Flower Essence and Crystal Energy to Attract Prosperity

How would you like to boost your vibrational energy to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life? Use the energy of flower essences and crystals to assemble your own money magnet recipe! With up to 80 percent of Americans reporting financial stress (according to, it is quite likely you too are experiencing anxiety about your own personal finances or the economy in general.

Flower essences are the energetic patterns of various types of flowers and plants. Flower essences are certainly not new. In fact the earliest use of flower essences was recorded over 500 years ago by a healer named Paracelsus. He treated the emotional imbalances of his patients with the dew from flowers. More recently, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) created 38 flower essence remedies to heal the negative states of mind. Like crystals, flower essences vibrate at various frequencies, and you can focus this holistic energy on the mind, body and soul.

Choose your ingredients from this list of various flower essences, crystals and even foods which are associated with money, creativity, inspiration and abundance.

Flower Essences with these energetic frequencies include:

  • Agapanthus strengthens a consciousness of abundance, helps your ability to receive and can be used for money issues.
  • Fullhorn Cattleya fosters an inner sense of abundance
  • Heliconia fosters inspiration
  • Hibiscus focuses creative abilities and energy
  • Mesquite opens oneself to abundance and pleasure
  • Papala Kepau inspires the holistic perspective embracing higher truth when dealing with money.
  • Paw Paw provides focus and clarity
  • Petunia provides inspiration and visualization
  • Plum Flower provides assistance if one is feeling lack of abundance; also offers inspiration and new ideas
  • Red Lily helps one stay grounded and focused
  • Turkey Bush inspires creativity

Crystals that resonate with these traits include:

  • Aquamarine stimulates creativity and clarity of mind
  • Aventurine improves financial independence
  • Celestine expands creative expression
  • Citrine attracts abundance
  • Hematite fosters focus and personal magnetism
  • Tiger’s Eye not only stimulates wealth but it helps maintain wealth
  • Topaz is an abundance stone

Foods for Money Issues:

  • Parsnips are an emotional remedy for money frustration.
  • Turnips are an emotional remedy for greed and money frustration (hence the old adage, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip!)
  • Soy Bean is an emotional remedy for greed

Assembling Your Own Recipe for Abundance:

Use a combination of flower essences and crystals to achieve your goal. For example, when I have a booth at a trade show or expo, I wear a necklace with a Tiger’s Eye stone and Citrine earrings. I create my money magnet cocktail with Red Lily (to stay focused in the midst of all that energy) and Turkey Bush to encourage my creativity. Mix and match energies for your own personal objectives.