Wholesale Organic Baby Clothing Niche

The organic baby clothing market is a rapidly growing niche and is an essential one to consider for your wholesale baby clothing business. This kind of clothing is getting more and more popularity with green-minded parents who are concerned about their baby’s well-being as well as the environment. The trend these days is to be more eco-friendly and being more green so it definitely worth adding to your business’s inventory.

What is organic clothing?

Organic baby clothing is made from natural resources, the most popular being organic cotton. Traditionally cotton is the most broadly used fabric to produce all manners of clothing but is treated with a great number of agricultural chemicals and pesticides when being grown, then has further numerous toxic chemicals added during the manufacture of clothing. This results in damaging effects to our natural environment and can also trigger respiratory problems, allergies or skin problems due to the absorbed toxic chemicals within the fabric.

Organic cotton on the other hand is produced naturally and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals, dyes or pesticides used during the produce of organic clothing using it. This not only makes it environmentally secure but really soft and comfortable to wear, ideal for babies’ sensitive skins.

In addition to cotton, more recently bamboo and even hemp are being used for the manufacture of organic clothing giving an even bigger range of clothing lines.

Why is it popular

Due to the clothing being manufactured from chemical-free materials, this drastically reduces the chance of any skin allergies for babies. Baby skin is really sensitive as it is not fully developed so is not immune to certain chemicals the way adults are. Organic clothing is also super soft and normally tends to be more durable, making it perfect for newborns that regularly need their clothing changed.

Another reason for the popularity of these kinds of baby clothes is the fact that entirely natural materials are good for the environment. With the in thing being green these days and everybody waking up to the fact we all need to make more of an effort to protect our planet, there is growing interest in organic clothing.

What to look for

When purchasing stock for your wholesale baby clothing business you will probably come across many suppliers supplying organic baby clothing, so be sure to check out the following:

Always check the label – Ensure the label says it is 100% organic cotton or 100% certified material and not blended organic, as this tends to be blended with synthetic material such as polyester. Occasionally you’ll find it’ll just say organic on the front or rear of the clothing but the label needs to be present to ensure it an authentic organic garment.

Check the dye – Make sure the color dye is not chemical based as this would defeat the purpose of organic clothing, instead it should be a herbal based or plant-based dye to make it organic. Also check the logo inks are made with water-based/pigment type inks and not PVC type inks which can be toxic.

Fabric – You will notice organic clothing will be lot more softer, a lot more flexible and hard-wearing than regular clothing. The color of the material will also be more natural looking as opposed to normal synthetic clothing eg. natural cotton whites tend to be more yellowy rather than chlorine treated bright whites.

Check company credentials – Most companies who deal in organic baby clothing will be fair trade certified or affiliated with a trade or farm association. This will help authenticate the clothing as proper organic as it is an offence to pass something as organic when it has been subjected to chemicals.

Be sure to check the above points to ensure you are being provided authentic organic wholesale baby clothing. Once you do, offering these types of clothing lines will not only make your business more profitable but you will be helping the planet in the process!

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