What Colors Should I Wear for an Honest Effect

Did you know that some colors can make you look honest, dependable and trustworthy? Before we go down that road, however, it’s important for you to ask yourself, “What colors should I wear?” You will need to identify your own best colors – those that harmonize perfectly with your skin tone. Then you will be in a position to select your own best version of the colors that convey honesty.

  • Blue is the number one spokesman for your character. But not every shade of blue will do. It’s quite important that there not be even a hint of red in your blue. Blue and red make purple, so no hint of purple. Evidently, purple makes you look questionable.
  • The value, the lightness to darkness range, of your blue can’t be too dark. The deep version might make you seem a little over-bearing. Your choice of an “honest” blue needs to be about mid-value. This way, there will be enough color saturation to get the message across, “I’m really dependable.” Too little blue as in a light pastel shade, and you leave room for people to wonder.
  • You need some other colors, too. Orange and green, also in unambiguous shades, lend credibility to your blue’s claim of dependability. Some red-violet is good, too. These brighter colors say you’re wide-open and safe. “What you see is what you get.” If you want to go all out and look safe and clean, you can make your blue lean just a little toward green.

Color is powerful. It definitely sends messages about you, and it can be a lot of fun. To use it well, you need to ask, “What colors should I wear?” Identify the best colors for your skin tone, then you’ll be in a position to convey any impression or mood you wish.