Use Beach Canvas And Other Decor Pieces To Design A Tropical Themed Room

You can use beach canvas wall art to decorate a tropical themed home. You don’t have to buy expensive decor pieces to recreate a tropical paradise in your living room or patio. You don’t even have to redecorate the entire house for that matter.

Decorating one or two rooms in your house like your living room or den can provide that tropical ambiance. It will also be less costly to decorate a small part of your house than renovating the entire home. Here are some simple tips and decor ideas to create that nice beach and tropical feel in your home.

1. Use materials that are found in tropical countries such as bamboo and wood. Instead of having a generously upholstered couch, use bamboo furniture with throw pillows with tropical flower prints. Use floor lamps with a bamboo stand instead of using regular floor or table lamps.

2. Replace your drapes or fabric curtains with bamboo window blinds or shades. These are great window dressing for both indoor and outdoors. They are weather resistant and can withstand moisture very well. Another option for window dressing are shell or capiz window panels.

3. Place potted indoor plants in some corners of your room. Some examples of tropical indoor plants are bromeliads and small palm plants. Decorate your tables with vases filled with tropical flowers such as Birds of Paradise and orchids. If getting fresh plants and flowers are not possible, use artificial flowers or hang canvas wall art depicting tropical flowers.

4. Use colors found in the tropics for upholstery, wall paint and furniture. Common tropical colors are green, blue, yellow and tan. For fabrics on sofa upholstery, use cloth with tropical prints in tropical colors. You don’t have to paint the whole room green or blue. One accent wall will do to create that tropical feel.

5. Hang beach canvas wall art showing tropical beaches with tall palm trees. A nice sunset beach painting can also create that tropical ambiance in your room. If you want to be a bit extravagant, you can have an artist paint a mural of a tropical scenery on one wall in your den.

You don’t have to spend too much money on decorating your home. Small pieces that depict your theme may be enough to recreate a different atmosphere. Choose your decor pieces wisely and choose affordable decor accents that make a big impact.

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