The Motorcycle Frame Jig – Short and Sweet Version

The Motorcycle Frame Jig – Short and Sweet Version

Commercially-made motorcycles are built based on a standard jig to ensure uniformity as they come off the factory production line. If you are a serious motorcycle enthusiast, why not build your own motorcycle? You can purchase a standard jig from some motorcycle shops. Remember to check the jig size to ensure it can be used to build the motorcycle of your choice as each motorcycle requires a specific jig and may not be interchangeable. Test its weld to ensure strength and durability. Alternatively, design and create your own motorcycle frame jig. If you’re not sure how to go about it, there are numerous instructional books and manuals with useful tips and pitfalls to avoid. Do your homework and go through several readily available designs to understand how the jig works. Ready jig templates are available for purchase from motorcycle accessory shops and websites. They are normally fundamental as their designers’ intent is for the home enthusiast to try his hand at adding his own touch. Only if you have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, you can endeavor to create your own design from scratch.

Try and build full-scale models of the motorcycle frame jig and its components before committing the final design onto blueprint. Building something from scratch is equivalent to a scientist attempting to make a first discovery. Failures are inevitable but if you persevere hard enough, you’re bound to find a breakthrough. Join the relevant discussion groups and forums to get further assistance when you reach a dead-end. There are many experts ready to advice and share their experiences. Edison didn’t discover the light bulb by giving up when the first few units didn’t work.

Once you have a proper blueprint of the jig at hand, you also need to design and make the components to be fitted into your customized jig. If some can be purchased to save time and money, don’t hesitate to do so unless you are insistent on a 100% self-made machine. As some welding work is required, it is advisable you take a welding course to learn proper techniques. Once you have learnt the know-how, hire a welding machine. Purchasing a welding machine may be a significant investment unless you intend to do more welding work in the future. Alternatively, hire a professional welder to cater to all your welding needs.

Since building a motorcycle frame jig is equivalent to an artist at work, it can be a work never achieving total completion as there is always a reason to fine-tune, modify and improve as you scrutinize and ponder on it.

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