Somalia: The Unemployment in the Country

SOMALIA: THE UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE COUNTRY Unemployment in Somalia has forced many youth to immigrate for search of better life through death-defying journey across desert and seas. Un employment is a word that no one likes if it’s those working and those looking for jobs Even though it’s not yet announced the number of alumni undergraduate’s in the country this year but it’s going to be quite large number an increase is expected to the number of graduates compared to the last year.

The government isn’t concerned more on creating new jobs. It seems that top officials in the government believe there is bigger matters than unemployment it’s the believe that the situation in the country stability & peace is the work of the government and that there is no need to give attention to creating jobs, ministry of labor is one of the government departments that have big responsibility that do absolutely nothing compared to the title they represent and it’s not only their fault it’s the president and prime minster that sees nothing special about it.

Somalia 27000 students sit for the unified higher school exam in the country this year as stated by the Somali ministry of education which is the highest number since the government exams restated which is the third year it’s done since the collapse of central government. This is an increase in the supply of labor and there is no clear increase in the demand of workers; there is no foreign investment or a new jobs created by the government it’s going to be a devastating to the country unless action taken.

By the time am writing this article we are at the end of the summer season and it’s pretty important and big deal for unemployment cause many fresh undergraduates, higher school graduates, postgraduates from local & abroad, unskilled labor and some looking for better jobs are coming to the market. Unemployment is increasing with the increase in supply of new graduates.

Some of the causes of unemployment in the country include:


Most of jobs or all require experience vary in depending on the position you apply so this pillar hinders the capability of many fresh undergraduates to be applicable to the vacancy they wanted. Many alumni didn’t worked during their university or school years thinking of they don’t have a degree and they will not get good jobs

The fresh graduates have higher expectations coming to the market number of them don’t have enough experience or at all. This inexperience halts most of the undergraduates from getting their dream jobs.

Clan and cultural prejudices

Discrimination in hiring is a huge cause of unemployment specifically in fresh graduates. In this case it’s not the knowledge of the employee that matters it’s the relationship the employee have with the employer that counts if it’s family/relative relationship, friendship, and any other relationships you may have with the one hiring employees.

Many women are forced to perform traditional low level jobs and that they are not the same level as the man.

Cyclical problem

This situation arises when the number jobs available are few compared to the applicants it happens during the recession phase of business cycle.

Lower consumer demands caused road blockades and instability in Mogadishu which diminished the number of customers organizations used to serve in the past.

The effect of road-blockades which reduced the consumers is boosting companies attitude to dismiss some of their employees to reduce costs forget about hiring so, the new graduates of Mogadishu becoming victims of government power excises.

Alumni’s dream & Ego

What do we mean graduate dream is that graduates dreams are unrealistic when reflected the reality in the market. Every alumni wants a high level position so whose going to perform the middle and lower level jobs instead of most graduates dreaming that they will start their job in office cause they graduated from a university or school which to be fair is not a bad dream but doesn’t reflect in reality.

Some of the graduates perceive some jobs that they are not “their kind” in this case they let their egos get over them and believe they rather remain unemployed instead of doing “that kind job” cause they deserve better but the reality is you have to earn it on your way to good position and no one is gonna give you what you deserve.

Lack of foreign investment

The country was unable attract foreign investment for security reasons even thought that seems it’s changing as time passes but it’s still a big factor in unemployment in the country cause of missing more jobs that many people would have benefited.

Lack of viable education, corruption, instability and many other reasons are creating unemployment in the country.


In reality it’s not the certificate you have that is essential but what is inside you is more important.

Am suggesting for anyone looking for a job or want a better a job than the one they have to:

 To connect with journals, T.V., radio programs that advertise jobs knowing that most companies promote job vacancies on their webs and social media.

 It’s not the certificate that is key it’s you so feed yourself with knowledge

 Read more, reading is essential that helps learn and explore more new staff.

 Adapt the changes in technology.

 Research more data surrounding your field of expertise and be aware the vacancies that may be available.

 Consult with experts on your way to a better job.

Accepting the fact that the world sees you as another human bullying their weight in to the globe they don’t care about you and your not especial to them but the good thing is you don’t need that, all you need is believe in yours and give your damn best effort in everything you do and become determined by you not what the people would say/think about you.


Unemployment is a huge problem in today’s world but it’s a situation that you can change so, looking for and not stopping trying to apply one after one is a key in the process of getting a job. The only solution to treat unemployment is to get hired.

The unspecified number of university alumni’s, 27000 higher school graduates, and the unskilled labor in this year, and the poor economy in the country isn’t functioning.

Watching back the speeches of the presidential candidates of federal republic of Somalia in 2017 it’s clear their main promise was peace and stability but didn’t talked about the economical causes of the instability which unemployment is the leading factor in that category.

Entrepreneurship is key not only it helps you but also create jobs for many other people. Improving your skills and learning new ones will increase your chances in to a better job and life.

Arising number are taking jobs that do not require degrees such as; waiters, checkout workers, army recruits.

The continues unemployment in the country plays a vital role in the instability in the country and the Mogadishu government is not giving attention or enough attention on creating new jobs while the president and the prime minster were giving so much promises and what seemed to be inspirational speeches that again don’t reflect to the situation in the country.

A research made in 2016 shows that Somalia had 66% of unemployment rate.

At the end of this article I hope that unemployment goes down and the country goes to the way of peace & prosperity and that this will help you a better job or a job if you didn’t have it.

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