Shawls – Which Color Shawl With a Red Dress?

Today’s shawls! A red dress always stands out, but can present some serious problems when deciding which accessories to wear with it. Just as red is a loud statement, this color is also have people noticing you more. This is particularly the case with shawls as accessories to red dresses.

The following tips should help you make a decision if you are wondering how to decide which color shawl to wear with your red dress.

As with all other accessories, decisions on the color of the shawl that you will wear should be dictated by the ability of that color to mix with red in a complimentary way. Red is a bright color and the worst mistake you can make when wearing this color, is to wear a shawl of another bright color. The colors to avoid when wearing a red dress are yellow and orange. Because they are equally bright, such colors only serve to compete with red and therefore fail to complement red the way you would want.

In choosing the shawl to wear, you will be going for colors that help anchor in the red. You will be looking to wear a shawl which enhances the red without seeming to compete with it. Great ideas for shawls to wear with your red dress include gray shawls. In addition, shawls in other dull colors are good compliment to your outfit. The dull colors, when worn with the bright red dress, create a contrast. In addition, these colors create a certain sense of coolness and brilliance.

When making a decision on wearing red dress with what color shawl, you could also go for colors that are easy to coordinate with the red. To coordinate colors, you pick one color and use it with a color that is its direct opposite. For a red dress then, a green shawl will look great as the colors are direct opposites.

Another way in which you can choose the color of the shawl to wear with your bright outfit, is to go for shawls in shades close to the red dress. This means that if your dress is bright dress, you could wear shawls that are in darker shades of red. Such shawls add accent to your red dress and should help you feel confident in what you are wearing.

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