Prince William and the King’s Numerology – Will William Be King of England?

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Shakespeare-King Henry IV Aspect II. Act iii. Sc. 1.

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of electric power,

and all that natural beauty, all that wealth e’re gave,

awaits alike the inevitable hour.

The paths of glory direct but to the grave.

Thomas Gray-Elegy Composed in a Region Church-garden

(9th verse) (1716-1771)

Certainly, with the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), there is much speculation as to whether William will eventually be King of England. Although the King’s Numerology under no circumstances will make predictions, we can appear forward into William’s life via his quantities, in particular his Lifetime Matrix, which expose substantive secrets and techniques relating to his potential as Excellent Britain’s monarch.

William was born William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor 21 June 1982 [Wikipedia]. The initially evidential facet to evaluate pertaining to a long run kingship for William is his Standard Matrix.

Basic Matrix of Prince William

Lifepath: 11-2

Expression: 9

Efficiency/Knowledge (life fact): 11-2

Soul: 8

Substance Soul: 55-1

Mother nature: 1

Substance Nature: 66-3

Essential Matrix Evaluation

The quantities of William’s Basic Matrix reveal an particular person whose numbers support the role of a ruler or leader. They do not automatically indicate a man or woman will be a king, but they do corroborate the qualities vital to the job.

The 9 Expression

For the reason that it is the Grand Elemental and the Quantity of Mankind, the 9 of William’s whole beginning name presents him the universality to charm to all persons mainly because not only is the 9 “all people today” (all numbers), it reflects every single variety to that selection, therefore making the 9 really magnetic, charismatic, common. Consequently, the 9’s universal charm is great for any one in a general public leadership place.

The 11-2 Learn Achiever

Doing work and making in the subject of interactions is important to results. The 11-2 grasp achiever power is superb for a leader. William’s 11 Lifepath and 11 PE (the position of his daily life) are important indicators that he will be involved in romantic relationship. Apparently, William’s mother, Princess Diana, also experienced an 11-2 in her PE. She also had an 11-2 Substance Nature. His father, Prince Charles, has an 11-2 Lifepath. For that reason, it can be not uncommon that their initial born son would have their energies, primarily provided the truth of future becoming established just before a human being is born. Mainly because William’s mother and father the two had the 11-2 in their charts, his schooling to be king 1 day would only be assisted. It’s like currently being a popular athlete who was born the child of famed athletes. Parentage does bequeath strengths.

The 55-1 Learn Explorer/Creator

Having the 55-1 grasp selection in his Material Soul offers William a worldly motivation to be a just one-of-a-type person and chief. The 55-1 does not want to be like everyone else, and in truth it is not. It is very exceptional. It is also crammed with hearth because the two the 1 and 5 are hearth symptoms. As we also know, 5 is the fulcrum, the midpoint, of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum, supplying it the capability to move with equivalent relieve up and down the Avenue of Crowns. Thus, the 55-1 is a favourable adjunct to William’s 9 electrical power.

The 1 strength in William’s Materials Soul is strengthened by the 1 in his Nature, compounding the electric power of leadership, action, likely first and demonstrating the way. William is his personal particular person even although his life’s classes and part in lifestyle are to be associated in relationship. The two 1s and two 2s in his Simple Matrix give him the potential to act independently whilst even now getting a assist human being, and even while a king is a monarch, he supports the monarchy governing his domain and the people in it.

The 66-3 Learn Lover/Artisan

Enjoy in communication is a phrase befitting the 66-3. The own like and nurturing contact of the 6 in a learn frequency (11 x 6) is very attuned to becoming positively communicative. This 66-3 is in William’s Content Character (his worldly temperament) and this bodes incredibly very well for him, not just in his personalized everyday living but also in his general public daily life.

The 8 Soul

The 8 Soul has a desire to handle, administrate, orchestrate, coordinate, and direct, not so a lot in the groundbreaking method of the 1 but in a context of social conversation and administration. The Soul electrical power is the engine that can make the particular person tick and tock. It drives him, and William is driven to be the 8, to be socially strong, have position, and join the dots of his operate and profession. It is an outstanding energy for one who has leadership features and seeks to govern effectively.

Simple Matrix Summary

William’s Simple Matrix is comprised of electricity acceptable to him, or any person with the exact same figures, remaining a special human being (1) with universal attraction (9), functioning in the area of relationship (2), remaining communicative and approachable (3) and desiring to manage and execute. This pattern will absolutely serve him and England effectively must he grow to be King. And will he? There is a incredibly fantastic possibility of it, and the strategies are plainly indicated in his Lifetime Matrix. Let us just take a seem.

Prince William’s Lifestyle Matrix

Prince William’s Daily life Matrix clearly manifests, prima facie, the likely for him to be King of England. This will not imply he will quickly be his country’s monarch, but the numerical combinations in his chart surely expose the likely for monarchial achievement.

No matter whether one is an seasoned numerologist or a fledgling novitiate, when one looks at William’s chart, it is impossible not to discover the master range of the government, administrator, manager, typical, or primary mover.

Grand Computer Couplet: 8/44-8

In the King’s Numerology, the Grand Laptop Couplet stands for the core Pinnacle and main Problem of a person’s lifepath. The Grand Pinnacle and Grand Challenge are commonly unique quantities. Even so, in Prince William’s chart both household the similar 8/44-8 Influence/Actuality established (IR set) indicating administration and executive management. The 44-8 is in the result posture of the 8’s causal influence. The 44-8 in the King’s Numerology is named the learn employee/leader power. It usually occurs in the charts of wonderful leaders and generals. Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Standard George Patton, Normal Douglas MacArthur, Mother Teresa, and some others have this vitality dominant in their charts.

The timeline of William’s Grand Pc Couplet is from age 44 to 52. This is a potent sign. William also has the 8/44-8 IR set in his 2nd Pinnacle which begins at age 35. Corroborating this powerful 8/44-8 energy is his 4th or Crown Problem which commences at age 53 and proceeds to loss of life. Therefore, Prince William’s 8/44-8 IR established of management, govt leadership and worldly accomplishment start out at age 35 and continue on to the end of his lifetime.

In partnership with the 8/44-8 IR established is the 1/1 IR established which demonstrates the leadership, star, middle-of-attention, and solo aspect of life. No two figures categorical administration and leadership much more than the 1 & 8 jointly. It ought to also be taken into account that William’s Soul-his most primal dreams, needs, and needs-are dominated by the range 8. Thus, William’s life will give him specifically what he desires-worldly results, position, electric power, and executive command. Even while the King of England has only figurehead standing, his identity will have a bearing on his place and its affect on the English people today, particularly supplied the reality that this is now a social earth, an age of the 2 vitality, and not an individual entire world of 1 strength of the very last millennium.

Final Epoch: 2/11-2

Williams’ 3rd Epoch (beginning all-around age 55) is a 2/11-2 – the power of his Lifepath and PE (his overall performance in lifetime). Of course, he will be intrinsically linked with his probable role of connection when he enters this strength area in his later existence.

We need to also try to remember that the filter of William’s Life Matrix IR (Impact/Reality) sets is the amount 9, his Expression. The 9, as we know, is the selection of universality, the masses, the general public stage. Thus the 1 and 44-8 energies in the Fact or Result fields are awash in universal power and the general public.


As stated in the beginning of this post, The King’s Numerology never can make predictions. It assesses and analyzes numerical energies and designs to see how they interrelate with a single one more. Supplied the figures, range styles, and selection placements in Prince William’s chart, it is really achievable that his lifetime job of becoming the upcoming King of England is very probable. And if this is to be the situation, the lesson to gain from his figures, as with all of our figures, is that lifetime is destined, and there is, unequivocally, a divine style to lifestyle and future!