Nokia 6500 Slide Vs 6500 Classic – A Comparison of Two Great Gadgets

Nokia has always been hailed as a manufacturer of mobile phones with unmatched quality. Its phones have always appealed to all kinds of customers be it young generation or the other age groups. Nokia has never disappointed them in any way whatsoever. Not only that, it has always tried to lead by example. But this position which Nokia is enjoying today has come after years of hard work and efforts. Today now when they are standing at the pinnacle of this industry, every other manufacturer can only praise them and not even think of getting any closer to them. It is because, Nokia has never believed in giving any opportunity to its rivals. Every time when the competition got tough they came out with something out of the box and this has been their terrific speciality. With these two handsets, Nokia knew that the comparison would be inevitable but at the same time they know that they have delivered the best in these two sets. Following is the detailed comparison of the two mobiles Nokia 6500 Slide & 6500 classic.

Starting from Nokia 6500 classic, it is an ultra-stylish phone from Nokia. Its dimensions of 109.8 x 45 x9.5 mm provide surety that the customers will never be able to see a widget as slim as that. In addition to its slim and fashionable body, this phone has weight of only 94 grams which is quite light by any standard. If we talk about the display screen of this phone from Nokia, it has got a TFT display screen which is 2 inches in size. Due to the reasonable size of display screen, the users get the better viewing of items on the screen. Also the resolution of its display screen is of 240 x 320 pixels. Besides that it can also support around 16 million colours.

Talking about its memory, Nokia 6500 classic has got a user memory of 1 GB. Owing to its huge memory, the phonebook of this phone can store 2000 different phone numbers. Not only that, it can also keep the list of last 20 dialled, missed and received calls. Speaking about its connectivity prowess, this phone comes with EDGE and GPRS of class 32. It also comes loaded with HSCSD and 3G technology. This 3G enabled network phone gives connectivity at the speed of 384 kilo bytes per second. It also has built-in Bluetooth and 2 mega pixels camera. The camera with flash has the unmatched ability to capture photos with utmost finish. It also comes with built-in MP3 player and its battery has got a stand by time of approximately 300 hours.

On the other hand, the Nokia 6500 slide, an elegant mobile, from Nokia has got the dimensions of 96.5 x 46.5 x 16.4 mm and weight of 125 grams only. Thus these statistics clearly reveals that this phone as not only got super looks but also sensational design. The TFT display screen of 2.2 inches is large enough for better viewing of users. Not only that the resolution of screen is of 240x 320 pixels. As far as the question of memory is concerned, it comes with an embedded memory of 20 mega bytes which can be expanded to 8 GB courtesy microSD card.

Nokia 6500 slide comes loaded with GPRS of class 11 and EDGE of class 10. It is also enabled with HSCSD and 3G network which initiates the connectivity at a speed of 384 kilo bytes per second. This phone also allows the users to enjoy the comforts of instant messaging, SMS, MMS, EMS and even E-mails. Also it comes with a built-in camera of 3.15 mega pixels which gives the guarantee to its users of crystal clear images. It also has built-in MP3 player and its battery has got a stand by time of 310 hours.

Overall, if it is to be declared that which among the two widgets is better, it would be difficult to tell. However in this comparison of Nokia 6500 Slide & Nokia 6500 classic, Nokia slide emerge as clear winner. But people must not forget that both models are from Nokia 5230 and both are off unmatched quality.