Microwave Pressing – The Pros and Cons

Microwave Pressing – The Pros and Cons

Microwave pressing is wonderful but does have limited use.

Very moist flowers and flowers with large centers and calyxes press best in the microwave. However, flowers with stripes, spots and much definition tend to bleed, blending all the colors together. This can be an interesting effect but it does change the look of the flower.

Roses, daisies, the cameleon leaf and most white flowers are best pressed in the microwave. Pale flowers – yellows, pinks, mauves etc. hold their color longer using this method.

Although you will have your pressed flowers much faster, there is always the chance that you may over cook your precious flowers and ruin them completely. Of course all microwaves have different power levels which mean just like cooking food, the first time is really a trial and error. Never fill up a flower press and try to dry several different kinds and sizes of flowers at one time.

Always experiment with one or two flowers at a time until you figure out exactly how long it is going to take. Start with some flowers which you are not too attached to. Experiment with microwave settings as well. Often you will need to remove your flowers, replace the blotters and re-microwave the same flowers again. Sometimes more than twice.

Which ever way you decide to press, remember to always make sure you start with dry flowers. If your flower is wet, put it in a vase and let it dry out first.

Yes you will need to be patient if you press with a conventional flower press, but you may need to be even more patient just experimenting or playing around with the microwave press. I suggest that you keep a little log book. Record everything you do because it will be hard to remember what you did to get those final results you were so happy with.

Whichever way you decide to press, good luck and happy pressing.

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