Is Khaki a Color Or Is Khaki a Fabric?

If you have ever been shopping for a pair of khaki pants for women then you will know how confusing it is to find what you are looking for. Perhaps that’s because we don’t really know what we are looking for or, we don’t know how to describe khaki pants to the clerk!

You can go in one store and ask for them and you will be brought to an aisle where everything is that traditional dust/beige color khaki, but made out of some synthetic fabric. Then you ask in the next shop and you are brought to an aisle with all cotton twill pants in a variety of colors from purple to black and told that this is the assortment of khakis.

So, what is this style exactly? Is it a color or is it a fabric? Actually, khaki is either/or or both! In the beginning, khaki was a color originating in the Middle East, most probably Persia where the name came from, and British soldiers adopted it as the official color of a uniform. This was the advent of khaki as a color.

However, those uniforms were made out of close woven cotton or linen twill fabric, which means that khaki is also a fabric! Today you can find khaki pants that are khaki colored or khaki pants for women that are in any color imaginable. Khaki is a color and khaki is a fabric, so don’t be confused when shopping. Should you do an internet search for khaki pants for women and a screen should pop up with dark green or purple slacks, check out the fabric they are made from. Chances are it’s cotton or linen twill.

Fashion is a very important thing. Whether you are trying to land a job or just trying to impress someone. Always dress well and you’ll be surprised what comes around for you!