How To Paint Stainless Steel Railing

To manage an exquisite appear, you need to paint your stainless metal railing routinely. To paint the railing you require to comply with these measures:

Get rid of aged paint and rust

The initial point you require to do is to get rid of any peeling paint or noticeable rust that may be on the metallic surface. Here you will need to use a metal bristled brush to brush along the railing.

You should go the brush back and forth in swift motions though at the same time applying pressure in order to take away all the rust and paint. A metal file is also a good software to use to get rid of the rust.

When the steel railing is absolutely sleek, you must implement a non-methylene chloride chemical stripper to the railing. Working with a putty knife, you really should scrape the chemical stripper and the paint off the surface of the metal

Just after performing this you should sand the rounded and curved parts of the railing making use of medium-grit sandpaper. You should really carry on sanding right until the steel is clean. The moment clean you need to use a thoroughly clean fabric to clear away any chipped paint or residue.

You really should then spray phosphoric acid on the metal railing to get rid of any rust that may possibly be nevertheless on the area. When the acid mixes with rust, it sorts an iron phosphate crust that is very easily removed. For perfect success you need to go away the acid overnight then brush it off the subsequent early morning using a steel bristled brush.

Paint the railing

In advance of applying the paint you need to 1st implement an oil-centered primer. To implement the primer you want to soak a trim brush in the primer and then utilize it on the metallic area. You should really let the primer dry for 4-8 several hours soon after which you should apply your paint.

You need to use an oil-dependent paint the place you ought to start out portray from the prime and perform your way down. For perfect outcomes you should utilize a skinny coat with your paintbrush. You should really use fast strokes in your painting.

It is encouraged that you apply a next coat nevertheless, you must permit the first coat dry for at the very least 4 several hours right before making use of the second coat. Immediately after making use of the next coat you must leave the paint to dry for at minimum 24 several hours soon after which you can start applying the railing.

To stay away from inhaling the poisonous paint, you ought to have on a face mask. You ought to also have on gloves to stay away from coming into get in touch with with the paint.