How to Customise Your Sony PSP with Free Themes

It would be pleasant to customise your Sony PSP monitor just as you would a Windows desktop, wouldn’t it? Perfectly, in fact you can, if you are keen to use an unlicensed homebrew application on your PSP. I know, you have likely heard of some homebrew apps that “brick” the PSP. Believe me, individuals are not just scary stories, they have essentially occurred to some unlucky and inexperienced buyers. On the other hand, the cost-free software you can use to load themes on your PSP is seemingly secure, despite the fact that it is often fantastic to exercising good caution when working with unlicensed releases.

The free software I am speaking about is called ThemePSP v1.2, which should really only be applied on a PSP working on 1.5 firmware. If you do not know your PSP’s firmware variation or, indeed, what “firmware” even signifies, then I do not propose working with this software, considering that your portable participant could very nicely end up a brick. But if you feel at ease sufficient to use it, then ThemePSP v1.2 can be employed to flash topic packs on to your PSP display and consequently give it new tailor made backgrounds, font models, colours, and much more.

If you are fascinated in downloading a duplicate of this free of charge app for your PSP, I suggest you head around to the QJ.Web Discussion boards, the dialogue board for the Brief Leap Community. You may possibly have to register for the discussion board to entry some characteristics, but the registration is no cost and it only can take a pair of minutes to complete. To come across the application, go to the subforum PSP Homebrew Discussion and search for the ThemePSP thread.

The similar thread is exactly where you can discover numerous consumer-submitted topic packs you can obtain for totally free to your PSP. The files are not actually on the discussion board pages. As an alternative, the thread consists of a lengthy record of back links to accessible PSP concept pack documents. Not all of these one-way links may perhaps be functioning, and the assortment is confined to what some others have made and uploaded. But there are nevertheless a variety of interesting absolutely free downloads, primarily for all those who would like PSP themes centered on video games (Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat), Tv reveals (The Simpsons, Jail Crack), movies (The Matrix, Spiderman), and really hard rock bands (Metallica, Linkin Park). There is also a topic creator out there for persons who would like to appear up with their possess PSP themes.

By the way, there is a site known as that does not appear to be to have anything to do with the ThemePSP v1.2 mod. The is just a website that features absolutely free downloads of PSP wallpapers in a range of groups. That is simple and risk-free plenty of for anyone to do. Even though ThemePSP v1.2 appears to be harmless, it does make some modifications to your PSP procedure. If you are nervous about employing it, you can just download a free wallpaper for your PSP.