How to Apply Removable Wall Stickers in Five Easy Steps

We hip home stylists need no longer rely on toolboxes, paintbrushes, or stencil kits to add some sparkle to our walls. Now that cute kids wall stickers have inspired and made way for modern, multifunctional grown-up wall art stickers, decorating in pursuit of the most spectacular space doesn’t have to be harder than peeling and sticking. If you haven’t worked with wall stickers before, have no fear – you can go from dull to darling in five simple steps:

1. Choose your medium, keeping in mind that all wall stickers are not created equal. First, consider materials and quality – working with fabric decals that require heat during application, materials that must be squeegeed in order to stick, or harsh adhesives that might damage a gorgeous wall color can add extra work to what should be a happy-go-lucky decorating process. If you aren’t willing to put mileage on your hairdryer or spend time repainting, pick high quality vinyl wall stickers that rely on water-based adhesives to keep interior paint jobs good as new.

Second, make sure you’re getting the most for your money by avoiding one-use-only products. Some wall stickers are removable, but not reusable or repositionable. If you’re like me, revising your hangout every few months is a therapeutic hobby that requires careful budgeting. Decorating is expensive enough; why spend on wall decorations that could end up in a landfill following one afternoon bout of creative redesigning?

2. Choose your surface. If you’re applying removable wall stickers, you don’t have to worry about committing to one area until it’s time to repaint the room, but you should definitely practice your placement to avoid exhausting a single-use product before you have a chance to enjoy your motif. If you’re prone to playing with ideas or changing your mind, choose wall stickers that are removable, repositionable, and reusable – they’re pigeonhole-proof and allow for as much decorating, redecorating, and re-redecorating as one can handle in a single session.

3. If you’ve recently repainted, make sure the surface is completely, totally dry. Remember, paint dries in layers – you should tack on a couple of days even after the new color passes the fingerprint test. If you’re planning to apply your decal to an existing layer of paint, the surface should be clean and desert-dry. Just to be safe, throw those windows open and allow several hours to pass after even a minor cleaning.

4. Get those babies on the wall. If you chose removable, repositionable, reusable vinyl wall stickers, application is easy – simply peel the decal from its backing, stick where desired, and smooth the whole shebang with your hand. Be sure to store the decal’s backing in a safe, dry space in case you plan to move or retire a design until next season. If you plan to have another child and prefer to keep a particularly fabulous set of classic nursery decorations in rotation, reusable wall stickers for kids can be stashed away for long periods of time if stored correctly.

5. Perfect your most stylish space. Another benefit of choosing removable, reusable, repositionable wall stickers is that you can arrange away until you’ve created yourself a room to love. Provided you’re working with the highest quality, lowest commitment wall sticker, decorating shouldn’t take longer than dreaming up your design.

Whether you’re preparing a nursery for a new addition, adding a little something to your dorm room, or repersonalizing your home to reflect your best self, creatively arranging non-damaging removable, reusable wall stickers is way more fun than worrying over what work you might be making for the future.