Color Therapy and Astrology Predictions

Our life is full of tension and anxieties which usually disturb us a lot in this mechanical world. But don’t we all desire to have harmony and success in life? Different options like allopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, ayurvedic, holisticpathy, yoga, naturopathy etc are available to aid us. In India years ago, the gemstone therapy was followed as one of the ancient and natural science; it was lost in transition, but now it is getting ready with improved understanding. This therapy is safe has no side effects, and may settle several imminent questions for the management of problems produced. The loss of this science during the last few centuries seems to be linked with two reasons – the heads in every society were aware of the concepts but they did not communicate to others for reasons of their own and the high cost and rare availability of gems. Nevertheless, this science stayed behind in the possession of limited people. The gem therapy acts on the notion of colors energy and can be named as color therapy. The modern science has seen the noteworthy effects of colors on the human body. The impact of red and blue color rays has been observed in ruling the performance of human body. Almost 2000 years ago, color vestibules were made in several countries where patients could take color bath for treatment of their diseases. There is no doubt that the colors demonstrate a huge influence on the organization of human body. But the way in which they function is not evidently comprehended. At present it is established that a white light/sun light is made up of seven colors which can be perceived with the help of prism. The seven colors of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red with different wavelengths have different controls on the organization of body. The implication of color energy influencing the human system is: Red color energy enhances blood circulation, vitality, courage and self confidence, and diminishes anemia. It offers vitamin B12.

Yellow color energy represents ambition, wisdom, confidence and science and helps to make better tiredness, nervousness, and digestion system and skin problems. It invigorates the brain, memory, liver, kidney and spleen, and provides vitamin A. Green color energy is supposed to promote quickness and brightness, as it is a natural world color that gives joy, peace and decreases restiveness. It is observed that this color is advantageous to salesman, businessman, lawyers and scientists. It controls pituitary glands. Blue color energy stands for the spiritual part of life and this is a never-ending process. It has the great therapeutic power that governs the activity of brain. It offers resistance to body for counteracting poison, germs and evil effect, and lessens pain etc. It aids the person in research work and higher studies. Orange color energy is a combination of red and yellow and it represents the color of Saint. Orange is physically the best refreshment, aiding us in times of despair, seclusion, and monotony. Violet color energy implies magnetism, quickness, support and love. White color energy is a combination of all colors. It signifies peace, straightforwardness, supple nature and companionship. A person suffering from mental disorder, torment, high blood pressure and loose temper requires white color. This color defends against widowhood as well as accidents. It is also helpful for wealth.

A human body has the similar planetary system in the manner of seven centers. These are linked with the entire body and more predominantly with the particular fingers. The fingers work as the recipient of color rays and pass on to their relevant centers. These centers, though independent, are connected with the key center recognized as center of Saturn, which receives blue color ray.

Consequently, the blue color ray possesses the most influential curative power and any faulty function may instigate serious diseases. All the planets are traveling with respect to the earth at various speeds. Thus, at a particular moment, all the planets will take a specific position with regard to the earth and the comparative position is extremely significant providing blueprint of the person born at that particular time together with the types of disorders. The exact calculations by means of the well-defined astrological method and their reading may deduce the sort of good and bad events. For wholesome and happy life, it is assumed that all the colors should be balanced with each other in particular ratios for one person. Any discrepancy, disturbance and lack of color rays would cause diseases. Therefore, the balancing of centers is vital and can be provided by way of the outside help. The color rays are obtainable always around us and on the whole plane in the shape of white or mixed light. To obtain a specific color according to requirement, the needed gems should be worn so as to obstruct the other color rays present at the same time. There are numerous obtainable gemstones which use the recognized forces of planets in the form of color energy and convey the needed energy to man. For getting the needed energy, gems should be worn in various ways either to a specific chakra or to complete person or around neck. But the greatest way for improved efficiency is to wear in the fingers, which have straight conduits to the centers of the human body. Each finger is particular to individual planet. So the choice of the right finger and kind of gems to be worn is of major significance. The choice of gemstones though seems to be easy but for getting total benefits, an extensive experience and precision for analysis are required with regard to size, color strength and examination of center requirements. Any illness or problem is not caused by one planet but many planets may be connected with the reason. Both surplus energy and lacking energies would give rise to the creation of actual cause. For precise balancing the positive and negative energies of centers, various kinds of gems should be worn. Hence, for one particular disease; quite a few stones can be used simultaneously.

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