Color Symbolism – The Deeper Meaning of Blue

Blue is on the visual level a calm and peaceful color. We think of it in terms of water, sky and universe. For most of us, sky and water give us a sense of familiarity and consequently of security. For many, the universe represents a larger unity and religion. Therefore, this hue expresses security and spiritual devotion. It is the color that leads to introspection and to our very essence. It represents such ideals as selflessness, sympathy, kindness, compassion and dedication. Blue is assigned to the physical body and, on a larger scale, represents the material aspects of life including the planet earth.

This hue is considered to be feminine because of its receptive qualities: similarly the earth is referred to as mother earth. The square form is considered to be symbolic for the earth. According to the painter, Kandinsky, blue is the color that corresponds to the square.

Just as blue has many honorable characteristics, it also has its negative side. The dark blue of the universe can make some people feel helplessly lost and create sadness and melancholy. The “blues” music expresses very much these painful emotional experiences. Some experience dark blue as a cheerless and even distressing color.

People who are blue dominated, who incorporate the high qualities symbolized by blue into their own values, can be very disturbed if reality does not match up with their high values: then they can have a tendency to daydream, avoid issues and try to escape reality. This can result in an overindulgence in alcohol, smoking and can eventually lead to depression. They have the blues.

Since blue is the color that represents materialism and the physical body, people who are particularly rooted in this energy field, on the positive side, will be very practical and concrete. If they find themselves getting unbalanced and too introverted, they will need to connect to the red energy, action and willpower, and the yellow energy, extroversion and playfulness. People lacking structure and depth, who are continually in action, engaged in superficial pursuits and somewhat chaotic, could find balance by connecting to the positive qualities of blue.

The symbolism of color is an excellent way of understanding yourself better. Emotions and colors are strongly connected. Being aware of how you experience a color, can help you clarify fuzzy feelings.