Clean Room Jobs

Having a job in a clean room does not mean you worked hard to clean your room at home. A clean room is an environment that is set up to be free from dirt, germs, and other contaminants. A variety of industries use these facilities to manufacture and assemble items that must be produced in a specific and precise manner.

Types of Jobs in the Clean Room

Large computer manufacturers use clean rooms to manufacture semiconductors. These are silicon chips and discs that are paired with electronics and placed in many types of computers and machines.

The jobs that are available in a computer electronics firms vary from lower skilled jobs all the way up to engineers. Low skilled jobs usually involve some type of on the job training. Employees are required to wear protective gear over their clothes and feet to avoid contamination of the area.

Most jobs listed on the internet are for manufacturing assembly in clean rooms. The industries vary. Some list a need for workers in a medical technology manufacturing company. The only requirements are the ability to work various hours, a college diploma, and freedom from a criminal history. These jobs may involve using microscopes to assemble tiny electronic parts. The job typically requires the employee to work in a clean room inspecting the materials throughout the manufacturing process. Data is collected to ensure machines and the processes are running smoothly. Employees will also set up and take down equipment needed for the manufacturing process.

Other duties in assembly plants include setting up equipment, checking supplies, and watching schedules. One job frequently listed on the internet is the assembler/inspector. This job requires pre-inspection of circuit boards and packages before they enter the clean room environment. Once the product comes out of the clean room, the employee performs tests on the equipment and labels it for use. Inside the clean room, an assembler puts together electronic assemblies and cleans and inspects the equipment at each stage of the manufacturing clean room process.

Despite the fact that these jobs are usually entry level, they require a high level of skills in handling detail work and working with skilled tools. Employees are expected to be self motivated and have the ability to work both with teams and without supervision. Self starters are more likely to be eligible for promotions.

Supervisory roles are available in clean room environments. These jobs involve managing employees and processes. The workload for a supervisor depends on the company they work with. Large companies require team level supervision of subordinate employees and making sure that the processes and equipment run smoothly. Leads may be given the responsibility of hiring and scheduling employees if they work for a small company.

Before undertaking a job in a clean room, people need to know that the work is strenuous. You have to stand on your feet for long periods of time. Make sure that you are able to work in these environments before you apply for a job working in a clean room.