Choosing the Best Shearling Coat – Fur Country of Origin is Important

Coats and jackets have always been one of the most sought-after pieces of clothing. Fur coats are the favorite of many. These coats are available in varied forms of fur which can be easily worn in every season. The quality of fur is highly imperative in order to pick a coat that will last and that you will enjoy wearing. The quality of fur varies as per the country of their origin. One of the most preferred types of fur coats is a shearling coat.

There is a diverse range of fur which can be found across the globe. Shearling is made from sheepskin. Sheepskin varies as per its availability from different parts of the world. Most sheepskin is extremely soft and makes a coat that is very light and durable. Shearling coats of finest quality are made from sheepskin that originated in Spain. Spanish sheepskin is extremely supple and provides the very best quality shearling coat one can buy. Apart from Spain, Argentina is also well known for producing some of the best sheepskin pelts for shearling coats.

Some countries tend to produce heavy sheepskin which leaves no room for flexibility. Some of these countries include England, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand. The sheepskin from these countries is highly unsuitable for the making of shearling coats and therefore one should avoid coats from these countries. However, one can find thick and heavy coats of finest quality from Uruguay which offers coats that are most suitable for extremely cold weather.

Before purchasing your shearling coat it is important to find out where the pelts originated to ensure you get the best quality for your money.

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