Bulgarian National Flower – The Rose

Bulgaria is a small country situated in Eastern Europe. Like many other countries of the world, Bulgaria also has a national flower. The national flower of Bulgaria is the rose, which is also known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’.

Roses have a special significance in Bulgaria. They have been grown in the country since the last several centuries. One can find roses grown in large numbers in Rose Valley, which is situated south of Balkan Mountains. The climate of the region is quite suitable for the production of roses. It has just the right amount of cloudiness, rainfall and humidity for the cultivation of roses. The region looks very beautiful and is filled with the fragrance of roses in May when the flowers blossom.

According to legend, the first roses were brought to Thrace by the returning soldiers of Alexander Macedon’s Garrison. Scientists believe that roses were first planted in this region during the period when the town was established. The town was founded by the Turks and the flower was brought to the place by a Turkish judge from Tunisia. Later on, this area proved to be more suitable for the production of roses than Tunisia.

Bulgaria is now the largest producer and supplier of rose oil in the world. According to some sources, Bulgaria accounts for about 80% of the world’s rose oil production. Rose oil production was started in the country more than three hundred years ago. Bulgaria’s rose oil is of very high quality and is thus, used by making perfumes, jams and chocolates worldwide. The high quality of Bulgaria’s rose oil is due to the high quality of the roses from Rose Valley. Because of its high price, the oil is now called “the liquid gold of Bulgaria”.

Moreover, the Rose Festival is held in Bulgaria every year in the first weekend of June. It is dedicated to the beauty and fragrance of roses grown. The Rose Festival was first celebrated in 1903. There are different events in the festival but three main events are more popular than the others. These include the crowning of the Rose Queen, the parade in the streets and the harvesting ritual. It is now a very popular festival attracting tourists and guests throughout the world.

Thus, although roses are popular worldwide for their beauty and fragrance, they have a lot of significance especially in Bulgaria. It is the national flower of this particular country. Moreover, rose production is an important part of the country’s economy as well as its culture.

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