Best Bee Pollen – Which Country Has It?

Have you ever wondered who has the best bee pollen?

I don’t necessarily mean the brand, but the country that it comes from.

Pollen can come from almost any country that has bees, but there is a small company based in the South Island region of New Zealand that has been getting some attention due to the pristine environment in New Zealand as well as the use of GMP standards used to manufacture it.

Why New Zealand is Prime for Pollen

New Zealand has no doubt been the prime place to gather pollen, and it’s no secret that New Zealand is a great place to do so. New Zealand is known for the perfect environment in which to grow almost anything and to gather pollen because the country has outlawed the use of pesticides.

This country also has the lowest rate of pollution because the industry there is so low. Agriculture is what drives the country and generates revenue and as a result pollen is now high on the list in the South Island Region.

Why the South Island Region?

The South Island region is noted for its temperate climate which makes it ideal for growing just about anything. This region is extremely pristine because it is miles away from any industry, and only about 25% of the population resides in this area.

This means that with a low human population there is much less pollution, which makes it a great area for pollen to be gathered. A low human population in short equates to less emissions from vehicles, less cigarette smoke floating around in the air, and less of anything bad that humans can create!

Why the Origin Matters

As with anything, the origin of the pollen you plan to use does matter. You need to keep in mind that obtaining pollen from a highly polluted area means that you are ingesting highly polluted pollen! Air pollution means that the flowers and plants where the pollen comes from can be tainted as the chemicals and smoke settle onto the plants.

The same is true with the use of pesticides, and the fact that New Zealand has outlawed the use of these chemicals alone makes it the best possible choice for you.

There is no doubt that sourcing where your pollen comes from is important before you spend the money, period.

Will You Buy Pollen Today?

Now that you know more about the pollen and how it is affected, what choice will you make on where you buy it from? Sure, you can get pollen from the United States and China, but where is the pollen really coming from? If you know the environment of your pollen has been subject to pollution, then don’t buy it.

Be sure to source anything before you buy it, so that you can get your hands on the best possible pollen out there.