Best Adhesive to Use to Fasten Candle Sconce to Mirror

If you want to know what the best adhesive to use to fasten candle sconce to mirror is, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many adhesive products available in the market today. But there are only a few that can truly deliver results. The best choices in the market are listed below:

1. Glazers Choice
This product is one of the better ones in the market. It is a rubber base adhesive that provides strong bonding of metals, wood, and glass to mirror. If you’re thinking of attaching metal or glass sconce to a mirrored wall, you can use this adhesive. Just follow the instructions on the label and you should be able to attach your sconces to the wall strong and steadily.

2. Liquid Nails
While this product is primarily created to bond mirrors to walls and not the other way around, it was discovered that it too can bond glass sconces to another glass surface. It fact, it can be the best adhesive to use to fasten candle sconce to mirror when used correctly. But to be sure, you can always ask the manufacturers through their hotline. Ask if it can also be used to attach metals to mirrors because it didn’t say so in the label.

3. 817 Mirror Adhesive
This is another product worth trying out. This product is a silicone sealant. If you don’t know yet, silicone has always been the primary product used for mirrors and glass surfaces. So if you have a glass scone and you would like to attach it to a mirror, you can definitely use this adhesive. You can try to attach metals and other substrates to mirrors using this one, but it may not work as beautifully as two glasses bonded together.

4. EZ Stic Mirror Adhesive
EZ Stic mirror adhesive comes in the form of a pad. So basically, you’ll put the patches on the surface and then attach the scones over them. This product is basically created for mirrors to be setup against a wall. But it should be good for glass sconces against a mirror too. Try to see if the pads are small enough not to be seen against the glass when the candle sconces are attached. If not, you might as well go for the other choices above.

These are the best adhesive to use to fasten candle sconce to mirror. If you need mirror glues in your next do-it-your-self scone project, be sure to get any one of these materials first before starting out the job for easy installation.

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