A Introduction to the World of Wall Clocks

When you are buying new wall clocks you can really exercise your imagination. A lot of people’s idea of a wall clock is a white facing with black numerals on it. This is the kind that we all too often see in our workplaces and cafeterias. These are even popular in people’s houses, but I’m not exactly sure why. The clock has been around for a long enough time where it has become easy enough to manufacture (inexpensive) that it is available in every color, shape, and design known to man.

Now I am not saying that everyone should go out and buy a bunch of eccentric wall clocks because that would be so “cool” and “different”. There certainly is a place for that, and a market to meet the fringe’s demands, but you can also get very stylish in which design you choose. In fact, many famous designers have put their hat into the ring when it comes to clock design. I think it is really a shame that so many put so much time and effort into the color of their rooms, the appliances, the furniture, the style schemes, etc. and then just go throw up a $5 white and black wall clock from Target! There’s millions of choices, everyone, why are you letting this integral piece slip by unnoticed?

In terms of price, as I have mentioned already wall clocks are very affordable. If you want to get very extravagant then yes you’re going to pay more. But you will probably still be getting more than you paid for. This is always the benefit of shopping in arenas where the product can be made very cheaply in foreign markets and shipped to you at a low price.

If you want to get an American-made clock then be my guest. There are many reputable vendors. In fact America has a very long reputation of great craftsmanship here. So does Germany, England, Australia, and every other major European country. Just expect to pay for that craftsmanship. I very much honor such diligence and care for wall clocks. I think they are even sometimes a great investment if you buy a limited edition.

You may also want to by a wall clock for your kid’s bedroom. This is a great way to get them to start thinking about time and numbers in general. They will be forced to understand the divisor of 60 because they’ll be staring at it whenever they are in their room. Here I would go with something colorful. It is especially captivating to them if you get a clock featuring one of their favorite characters, such as Thomas the Train or Dora the Explorer. I guarantee this will make them smarter. Not only that but kids’ wall clocks are very cheap as a rule. They are plastic and are made to withstand a beating more than their original counterparts.

The bottom line is that you have a lot of options. Do not buy a wall clock without giving at least a bit of consideration to the variety out there.