A Discussion on Waterford Crystal Lamp

Waterford is one of the leading crystal producing brands in the beautiful world. Primarily originated from Ireland, the company now mainly operates from countries like Germany and Republic of Czech. It is because the place at Ireland where the company first started had been shut down during the early 2009. However, other than Ireland there are various places in the Europe from where the manufacturing part is done.

Unlike Swarovski Crystal, those who manufacture jewelleries and other home decors, made up of pure crystal, they have restrained its limit in mostly manufacturing crystal glassware. However, lately, this Crystal company also do manufactures certain crystal gift items and home d├ęcors but their strength lies mainly in the glamorous designs and finishing of the crystal glassware products they are renowned for manufacturing.

Among the various crystals glassware items present in the catalogue, one of the most glorious and beautiful item that you will love to stare at for hours without feeling tired is the Crystal lamp. Amazing! Truly amazing are these crystal lamps produced from such a leading company.

Mainly, there are two types or variety that th Crystal lamp is divided into. These two varieties are:

Floor & Buffet Lamps

Accent & Table Lamps

If you want to position the lamp at the ground then floor & buffet lamps are the ones that you would like to have in possession. Some of the different types of floor & buffet lamps that can be found out at the Waterford’s are as follows:

Lismore Buffet lamp
Hospitality Buffet lamp
Carina Buffet lamp
Thistle Buffet lamp

All the above mentioned varieties are available in the height range of 32″ to 35″. The price range is normally on the higher side that varies in between $450 to $550.

Now, we will focus our attention towards the accent & table lamps manufactured by the Waterford Crystal company. These types of lamps are mainly kept on various types of tables that can be seen in the bedroom, study room, and in the living room.

Some of the types of accent & table lamps that come out from the house of the Waterford’s are as follows:

Versailles Brass Blue Bell
Colleen Antique Nickel Hurricane
Colleen Polished Brass Hurricane
Avery Accent Lamp with Polished Brass
Finn Accent Lamp
Fiona Hurricane Lamp
Sea Table Lamp
Beaumont Table Lamp
Glenn Desk Lamp
Hospitality Table Lamp
Olympia Table Lamp
Lismore Accent Lamp
Thistle Desk Lamp
Ashling Accent Lamp with Polished Chrome

All these accent table lamps come in the height range in between 13″ to 35″. The price ranges are in between $350 to $700 approximately.

No matter what the price is, if pocket permits then definitely try to keep at least one Waterford Crystal lamp at your house and witness the beauty and elegance the item will feature for.

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