4 Canvas Prints Ideas

Thinking about designing some truly awesome canvas prints? Here are the top 5 canvas prints ideas to give you some inspiration and unleash your creativity!

1. Colour splash canvas prints

Colour splash canvas prints are a personal favourite. The colour splash canvas technique involves giving your photo the black and white treatment – creating a very classy, artistic feel – but keeping the colour in one specific place of the photo. This effect highlights a particular part of your image(s) with a sparkle of colour (hence ‘colour splash’!), so you can be very inventive and create some fantastic ideas to enhance the visual impact of your snaps. For example, you could keep the colour of your shoes, your hair, a lovely sunset that you and your boyfriend sat on the beach watching, or perhaps your dad’s favourite car in Formula 1 that you wish to transform into a stunning action shot canvas? Perhaps the coolest that I have ever seen is a busy Manhattan street in black and white with yellow taxis given the colour splash treatment. The possibilities are endless but what is certain is that you can create some genuinely stunning canvas prints with the colour splash technique.

2. Filmstrip montage

Love movies? Know someone else that does? Why not get you or them some fabulous canvas prints with the unique filmstrip montage, converting your photos into artistic and cinematographic wall art with an artistic twist. Digital collides with vintage for the most perfect fusion of the classic and the contemporary. The bespoke filmstrip montage is designed wholly for you by expert designers and can be up to 3m x 1.5m. Your photos (normally 3) are placed side-by-side in a very contemporary and fashionable style surrounded by the classic filmstrip effect of black and white – like a film reel. You will be sent a proof by email before the order is complete, so you will never be disappointed with your beautiful filmstrip montage canvas prints!

3. Panoramic canvas prints

Panoramic canvas art is absolutely breathtaking. There are almost no limitations on the sizes of your panoramic canvas, so you can really fill a wall by effectively spreading your image right across one side of any room! So stunning and so fabulous, panoramic canvas prints brighten up any atmosphere in a creative and totally unique way through the abundance of colour and their sleek, lustrous effect. It is possible to either shoot or create your own panorama, by either using a special camera, by taking multiple shots and stitching them together, or by designing one in Photoshop!

4. Message canvas prints

If you really want to make someone’s day, why not add a special personalised message to the front or back of the canvas (in fact, anywhere you’d like!)? You write the words and we print them for you to give an extra added touch of sparkle and verve to your already-amazing canvas art. Say those three words, or spell out your thanks, or say you’re sorry… whatever it might be, a message canvas is without a doubt the ideal way to express a personal feeling or emotion. Say it with words and pictures and bring a massive smile to your lucky recipient(s)!