Uses And Benefits of Carbon Steel

All types of steel contain carbon but carbon steel has more carbon content. It also includes manganese and iron. It is considered to be one of the most widely used steel metals. It has many uses and advantages compared to other types of metals. It is also known as wrought steel and it can be formed into any shape. It is quite malleable and therefore it can be made into desired shapes. It is poured into blocks that are rolled to form desired shapes.

Carbon steel is categorized into three types which include low or mild steel, medium steel and high carbon content. The low alloy is easy to form and shape as it includes low level of carbon. Medium carbon steel is mainly used to make shafts, couplings and axles.

Low Steel: It contains lower level of carbon constituent as compared to other alloys. It is comparatively cheaper than the other types of metals and it is widely used for various construction purposes. It has low strength and durability.

Medium Steel: Another alloy of steel includes the medium carbon steel which is resistant to wear and tear. It is durable and strong. It is used to manufacture large metal structures and automotive components.

High Steel: One of the strongest carbon steel metals includes the high steel variety. It is mainly used to manufacture high strength springs and wires.

Another notable variety of steel includes the ultra high steel metal which is very tensile and strong. It is mainly used to manufacture knives and axles.

All these types of steel metals are used to manufacture various types of industrial tools and machines. It is also used to manufacture drilling bits as it is strong and tensile. It is even used to manufacture cutting tools and nails. High steel is mainly used to manufacture drill bits, knives and cutting tools as it is strong and versatile.

In addition to this constituent, many other elements such as manganese, chromium and tungsten are used as hardening agents. The properties of steel can be determined by the proportion of these elements.

Stainless steel which contains high level of this alloy is known to be rust proof and strong. Although this type of steel is inclusive of various benefits, it includes certain disadvantages. It is known to be brittle and therefore it can seldom be used for constructing building and bridges. Steel with low level of the main alloy can be used for various purposes as it is less brittle and stronger.

Nevertheless, it is used for manufacturing steel pipes as it tends to remain intact. It is also known to be durable and resistant. As it is anti-corrosive, it can be used for under water purposes. It has the ability to withstand high pressure and therefore it is used for various industrial purposes.

Most of these varieties of steel alloys can be bought at affordable price rates. There are many industries which manufacture steel pipes and maintenance tools in the country.