Some Facts That You Should Know About Knex

Knex is a company that manufactures construction toys. After being launched by the Glickman brothers Joel and Bob, the company soon became a brand name and took the leading position in the market. At present, they manufacture two very popular toys other than Knex. They are Brio and Lincoln Logs. Nevertheless, the idea of Knex was conceived by Joel while he was playing with the straws in a wedding. So, he created the original version of Knex with the help of rods and connectors – materials that resemble the straws in a significant way.

In subsequent stages, a lot of new things were added. However, the most important was the movement. This was done largely through the wheels, gears and pulleys. Also, a number of mechanisms were incorporated in it. For example, there are mechanical drives and motors integrated to the sets. Of late, a development allowed the users to program the Knex and thus, it has stepped into the Cyber age. Apart from these, a number of other changes also took place. For example, the colors of the buildings were changed, the vehicles and space themed models were included and finally, the chrome parts were included as well.

Knex has a wide range of products and they are meant for kids belonging to different age group. In fact, there are specific models from preschools to nine and up. The range of products includes themed sets where the models can be built through it are predesigned. At the same time, you can tie up their products with other brands like Sesame Street.

However, Knex not only manufactures models to play. They also offer models to teach the kids. Thus, even the teachers tend to buy them and use them in the classroom to improve the scientific and technological aptitude of the students. Here again, Knex is available in a wide range of sets suitable for different age group. So, the teachers can easily pick up the suitable sets and use them in the class. In fact, they offer sets for kids starting from kindergarten to the high school education. At the first stage, the sets are prepared to explain simple things like transportation and life cycles. With the age group increasing, things get more complicated as well.

Knex sets are made of plastic. Therefore, the kids have fewer difficulties in handling them. This is an advantage over the sets made of wood where kids often find it difficult to fit the pieces properly. Also, you can combine different sets to create a larger construction and therefore, you always have the scope to improve upon your construction.