Native Flowers of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country located in southern Europe. It is one of the largest European countries in terms of area. The country is full of rich plains and has a moderate climate. The physical and climatic conditions of Ukraine have proven to be quite favorable for the growth of various varieties of flowers. Some of the native flowers of Ukraine are discussed below.


Sunflower is one of the most popular flowers of Ukraine and is the national flower of the country. The flower blooms from July to November. It is used throughout the country for birdseed, sunflower oil and sunflower seeds. Moreover, according to Ukrainian folklore, the flower symbolizes vigor of life and energy. The flower has bright yellow petals and a brownish center. It turns its head towards the east, which is the direction of the rising sun.


Hollyhock is another flower native to Ukraine. Several different species of this flower can be found in the country. The flower comes in colors of deep purple, red and white. It is normally planted in gardens but can be found in fields as well. It is commonly used in non-traditional medicine.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is also grown in Ukraine. It is grown for decorative purposes. It can be found in balconies and fences of houses in the country. Interestingly, the color of this flower changes with the amount of sunlight it gets.


Marigold is a large yellow colored flower grown all over the countryside of Ukraine. Although the flower is commonly yellow in color, it can be found in shades of red and brown as well. The flower lures butterflies and at the same time, deters insects. Hence, the flower is grown along with various vegetables to keep away insects.


Cornflower is blue in color and has small petals. It is native to Ukraine as well as many other countries in Europe. Although it is quite beautiful in appearance, it is not grown in gardens. It can usually be found in crop fields. The flower also has great herbal and medicinal value.


This flower is cultivated in the country as a decorative flower. However, it is used in food and drugs as well. In Ukraine, it is also an inspiration for different forms of art. One can find motifs of poppies in jewelry, clothing, paintings and drawings.


Chamomile is also grown in Ukraine. It resembles a daisy but is smaller in size. It is used for making tea, which is commonly used for curing insomnia and indigestion. The plant also heals any sickness in plants around it.


Madonna lily, which is one of the real lilies, is another flower native to Ukraine. It is white in color with a yellow base and has six petals. It fragrance is also quite pleasant. Roman Catholics take it to be the symbol of purity.

The above are only a few of the native flowers of Ukraine. In addition to them, many other flowers are also grown throughout the country. These include irises, peonies, bluebells and periwinkles.