Modern Flower Arrangements

Modern Flower Arrangements

Flower arranging today is more than merely putting together a bunch of bright beautiful flowers in a pretty vase. Much thought goes into the art of each professionally designed bouquet.

The artistic nature of flower arrangement means that no strict rules need to be followed by designers, but there are three very distinct styles into which arrangements can be categorised.

The three styles of flower arrangements

Professional florists would categorise the styles of flower arrangements as such:
Traditional, oriental and modern flower arrangements.

Traditional flower design, also known as Western flower arrangements, is the time-honoured common flower arranging style where the design is enriched with a large number of beautiful, colourful flowers. Apart from the vase in which the flowers are arranged, almost no other accessories are used in this flower style.

Oriental flower design is the general term used to refer to Chinese or Japanese styles, where the focus is mainly on the appearance of the arrangement. The linear style of Oriental flower arrangements emphasise the negative spaces, floral forms and the textures used in the arrangement.

Japanese flower arrangement, also known as Ikebana, focus on the line of the twigs and leaves, rather than on the flowers themselves like in Western designs. The line of the twigs or leaves is combined with a small number of blooms and the design is complemented by the style of the container which is also a key element in the Ikebana style.

Modern flower arrangements are the aesthetic use of clean, sleek lines, but generally all the styling depends on the likes and dislikes of the designer. The design of such an arrangement does not follow the traditional outline of arranging flowers. Instead the use of different accessories is combined with the minimal use of bright flowers. Modern flower arrangements make use of ornamental geometric motifs and clean-lined containers to carry the geometric theme through into everyday life.

Why choose a Modern Flower Arrangement?

The great thing about modern flower arrangements is that there really are no boundaries. This style of flower arrangement is appropriate for most occasions and it is well suited as a gift to both men and women.

Most online florists have a wide variety of modern flower arrangements ready to order, although some would warn you that same-day delivery might not be possible, therefore you should confirm with your florist before you buy these flowers online.

Modern flower arrangements work well as a corporate gifts. Their lines and designs compliment the interior design of most modern offices, reception areas, boardrooms, conference halls, hotels or even wine bars.

The bold sleek design of modern flower arrangements make a statement about the personality of your company which can make a difference in the perception your customers have of your business.

The style of modern flower arrangements makes a strong design statement. With attention to detail, the use of unconventional accessories, the creativity and energy of the design, choosing this flower arrangement style will say a lot about you.

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