In Depth – Wholesale Full Color Printing

Using an online print company for wholesale full color printing services is an effective way to get inexpensive printing at prices drastically less than a local print provider. Online printers use a specific production process called gang-running or combo-running. A gang-run print job is where the printing company will combine similar sizes and quantities on one press sheet. By combining many full color printing jobs on one sheet, the printing company is able to reduce the costs by setting up 10-20 jobs at once. This savings is passed on to the customer and results in pricings 80% less than if the jobs printed individually.

By using this process, customers are able to get offset printing at prices that are unable to be matched by any other printing process. By using an online print company that uses this type of print process graphic designers, sign-shops, smaller quick printers, and copy shops are able to provide a quality full color printing with out the expense related to owning their own offset printing press.

There are wholesale online printers who deal exclusively with other printers, sign shops, designers and copy shops. This is calling dealing with the trade. The layout is provided by the customer, and the wholesale print supplier manufacturers the full color printing and ships the product blindly. Shipping blind means that the end customer never sees the wholesale printers company or information.

Using a wholesale printer that blind ships will ensure that the end customer does not go directly to the print supplier.

By leveraging the Internet to print over the web makes it more convenient to order printing 24 hours a day. A typical wholesale printing company like this offers some (or all) of the following products:

1. Postcards
2. Business Cards
3. Direct Mail
4. Card Stock Flyers
5. Brochures
6. Menus

These 6 items are only the most popular ones, there are others of course such as: folded business cards, card stock flyers, club flyer printing, sell sheets, posters, letterheads, pocket folders, rack cards and many more. It’s important to find an online printer that offers a variety of products. Using a wholesale online printer is very popular among business owners that want to sell high quality full color printing without the costs attributed to owning the equipment.

It’s important when looking for an online wholesale printer to find offers free print samples. Also, make sure that they have a physical address on their website. Do research to make sure that the company does print the work in-house. Some online companies outsource the printing and if there is a problem with your project, you want to make sure you are dealing directly with the source of your printing.

A good online printer will provide you the tools necessary to grow your print business. You will find design guides, design templates, and other free resources to give your customers the best printing they would desire.

Some of the most important advantages of wholesale printing online are:

1. Lower costs than a traditional printer
2. Convenient printing job tracking and status updates
3. Multitude of paper options and coating options
4. Blind shipping direct to your customers
5. Guaranteed turnaround (available for selected companies)

All in all, there are many options for good wholesale printing services online. With the cost to create an offset printing plant in the millions, a wholesale printer will give you the tools necessary to sell printing to your customers without the expense.

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