Canadel Furniture Vs Bermex – FIGHT!

Canadel Furniture and Bermex are two competing dining furniture lines. They are both made in Canada and they both have nice products. If you are in the market and can’t decide which of these manufactures fit your needs best, maybe I can help.

Quality of Finish: Both companies have a Catalyzed finish. Bermex features a catalyzed varnish where Canadel has a catalyzed lacquer. Most experts will tell you that a varnish is better, but it is usually thinner than the lacquer. Bermex +1

Quality of Table Construction: Both companies use a high-quality birch. However, Canadel uses anti-warp boards on the underside of the table top. Canadel +1

Quality of Chair Construction: This one is a wash in my opinion. You can expect the chair to last a lifetime (if not abused) from either manufacture. EVEN

Fabric Options: Canadel-over 300 Bermex-186 Canadel +.5

Wood Finish Options: Candel-120 Bermex-114 EVEN

Shipping Time: This varies quite a bit. Depending on the time of year you may wait 3 weeks or over 2 months. Canada has a mandatory shut down for the factories every summer, and the timing depends on where your custom set is in the production cycle. EVEN

Style Options: Both factories have several options on table shape, table size, chairs, buffets and hutches. I side with Canadel on this one because of their Udesign software that lets you create your combination and it displays it to you on their website. Canadel +1

Price: Both companies are pricey, but well worth the value. This furniture, if cared for, will last for generations. Canadel Furniture in general is a little less expensive, but they also have a Champlain collection that is higher than Bermex. Canadel +.5

So, according to my formula here Canadel wins by 2. So, why do I have a Bermex table, chairs and buffet in my dining room at home? Because they had the look that I wanted. You can look for opinions of everyone you know and it won’t matter. Go with the set and manufacture that you like best and you’ll be happy with it, after all you’re the one that get to eat there.

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